About me

My name’s Greg Chisholm. I’m originally from Kelowna, B.C, now living in Montreal with my partner Chris and our cat Theo.

I’m a Jack-of-all-trades. A professional handyman with design experience, I take on both big and small jobs. From house painting and cleaning to furniture assembly and home renovation, I can help you complete all those odd jobs you never get around to doing.

I’m also a fun-loving bearded bloke who loves old-school Madonna and Annie Lennox. My favourite place in the whole world is Provincetown (we try to go every year). I’m obsessed with cars and I get emotional around chairs (my original Eames chair is my pride and joy). I’m an artist too (you can check out my paintings here).

I offer a variety of services, but in short: I’m an experienced handyman who is friendly and outgoing and someone you will want to trust with your home or business. Let me help you check off those items on your to-do list.